Infrastructure & Project Finance

Infrastructure and project finance has been a core competency of Archetype’s for over 29 years in many public sectors including, energy, environment, infrastructure, defense and telecom. Archetype has a broad range of experience advising clients in large-scale projects, including structuring projects for solicitations, providing project financial advisory services, due diligence, credit & risk analysis, transaction structuring and support and post-close monitoring.


  • Project Development Financial Advisory
  • Lender Due Diligence
  • Transaction Risk Assessment
  • Credit Approval Support
  • Financial Model Development
  • Transaction Structuring & Negotiations
  • Transaction Closing & Documentation
  • Post-Close Project Monitoring


Since 1986, Archetype has developed a nationally recognized practice in infrastructure serving government agencies, as well as engineering, construction, development, and asset management firms. We have been an advisor to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration since 1999 and are currently also advising the Federal Railroad Administration, the Federal Transit Authority, and the Maritime Administration. We have also assisted infrastructure and transportation development companies in structuring public-private partnerships and developing total solutions for planning and implementation programs both domestically and internationally. Archetype specializes in understanding the interaction between the private sector and the local, state, and federal governments. We also specialize in providing complex financing arrangements for critical infrastructure and transportation projects. Archetype has in-depth expertise in structuring public-private partnerships and negotiating the privatization of facility development and service delivery for both public and private sector participants across the energy, environmental, infrastructure, defense and telecom sectors.