Program Management

With over 25 years of program management experience, Archetype’s advisors and seasoned staff help organizations as they navigate through challenging business and regulatory environments. We have played central roles in successfully developing and standing up multiple programs as well provide client-focused operational, communications, policy, systems development and cyber security support.


  • Program & Project Management
  • Government Incentive Program Development
  • Communications & Policy Support
  • Client Operations Support
  • Systems & IT Development
  • Cyber Security Support


Archetype supports organizations in identifying, clarifying and achieving their strategic objectives.  We work hard to help our clients achieve increased control and direction over their programs while managing the cost, schedule, and performance of component projects.  Our support has helped multiple public and private organizations navigate through challenging business and regulatory environments.  We have also assisted multiple programs through crucial stages of their development by providing much-needed strategic, operational, programmatic and technical services.  Some of these services include operations and integration planning, process mapping, compliance management, external engagement, IT and cyber security support.  Our multi-talented staff gives us the ability to play a central role in successfully supporting programs, departments and mission-critical task forces.

  1. Central Park of Gahanna

    We undertook the remediation and closure of a licensed, solid waste landfill in Gahanna, Ohio.

  2. Master Wind Energy Project

    We assisted OPIC in evaluating, structuring, negotiating and closing a $50 million USD-denominated debt facility for a 50MW wind project in Pakistan.