Archetype supports national security and the warfighter on installations and forward operations with renewable energy development, micro-grid & advanced technology development and other resiliency initiatives.


  • Operational Energy
  • Contingency Basing
  • Resiliency & Sustainability
  • Energy Microgrids & Storage
  • Energy Security Assessments
  • Finance, Market & Regulatory Analysis


Archetype helps to ensure that our Soldiers have a more resilient and secure energy, water and infrastructure in support of the operational mission, domestically and overseas. Archetype was awarded a 4 year contract to provide support services to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment (OASA (IE&E)) in the continued operation of the Office of Energy Initiatives (OEI), a centrally managed office that supports the implementation of large-scale renewable energy projects across all Army installations. OEI projects are typically greater than 10 megawatts and serve to enhance installation energy security against a growing number of threats on our homeland and abroad. Renewable energy generation projects include solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and waste-to-energy (WTE) technologies but are also assisting the Army in leading the path on microgrid, advanced storage and resiliency initiatives. Archetype provides support and assistance advising the DoD in deal structuring and shaping projects as well as public private partnerships involving complex real estate and financial transactions.